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Toast Recordings: AUDIO Video Music Production Showreel. Here is some of my recent music production, mixing and engineering work from the past year. I took old, vintage films that focus on dance and expression based upon what the songs mean and what they was written about (well as close as possible anyway!). I’ve chosen 8 tracks from clients albums such as Northen UproarTurrentine Jones and Peter Glennie plus a little off the cuff intro using various samples from the recording sessions. Most of my work was recorded in recording studios in Manchester such as CottonMouth Studios, Limefield Recording Studios plus other bits from european studios in Germany and Holland.

The showreel runs for 16 or so mins, which is long for the usual showreel but on this occasion I felt you have to let the music breath and develop. I meant absolutely no offensive with the nakedness and dancing women towards the end. It’s only been cut in to show the that era of freedom and what the record means to that time. It’s all very tasteful if you are asking me :)! I hope you enjoy watching, and as always feel free to leave me any comments or feedback below in the comments box.

Tracks: (With links)

1. Tiki Black
2. Ray Gibson
3. Northen Uproar
4. The Greetings
5. Peter Glennie
6. Lauren Housley
7. Turrentine Jones
8. Matt Thomas Thompson

I hope you enjoyed the my, AUDIO Video Music Production Showreel. If you would like to listen to more of my current work head over to my portfolio page. Otherwise feel free to browse around my blog and have a read. Im sure you’ll find some thing of interest for you. Thanks for listening and watching if you’d like to enquire for your next project head over to the Contact Page.

AUDIO Video Music Production Showreel

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