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    I think it was March when Lauren and her band came to the studio to record the ‘One Step Closer EP’ You can have a sneakpreview of the session on video below, and be sure to listen out for ‘My Baby Cry’ being played on the Craig Charles Show this weekend!

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    Welcome to the warm, organic soundscape of Lauren Housley – a fresh, big voice with the full, rounded flavour and maturity of a retro-classic panorama, dove-tailing the tender tones of Dusty Springfield, the grandeur of Marlena Shaw with the virility of Ray Charles – as delivered by a strutting young lass from Yorkshire.

    A busy run of clubs and festivals across the country, with regular shows at Kendal Calling, Matt&Phreds jazz club and her own Soul:Sessions nights, has honed a golden-toned sound. This, alongside on-stage action with the 11-piece Riot Jazz Brass Band and a seminal show at last year’s Soundwave Festival in Croatia, has established Lauren Housley as a new dominant force in Manchester’s live music scene.

    Her eagerly awaited debut EP ‘One Step Closer’ is a ladle of carefully crafted soul-food, taped over three days at Cotton Mouth Studios with locally sourced, heavyweight ingredients in the shape of some of Manchester’s most sought-after musicians.

    This girl Lauren has some unbelievable lungs, going with her beautiful looks, she matches up to quite the ‘Catch 55′. I wish I could give all of you a taste of what is to come on June 11th, but I will keep you guys guessing till then. She has got a beautiful voice that compliments her background team. They work so well together, and in sync, that all the music seems so original. I love her tunes and her soulful feel that she puts into the scene. There are parts that are slow, with some major ups in it and speeds up to a good 70′s party dance theme. You can tell watching her Official Taster, that she knows what she wants and what she is doing with those lungs of hers. Has a quirky, witty characteristic to her music that makes you want more and more. Her epic taste in music will really shine in the years to come.Her debut effort is remarkable.


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